CCECCEstablished in 1992, Canada-China Economic & Cultural Centre (CCECC) is one of the earliest channels accredited by the Chinese government for training services in Canada (Channel #: 990105). Its mission is to promote friendly exchanges and cooperation between Canada and China in economy, industry, business, culture, science and technology, education, etc. As of 2019, CCECC has served approximately 30,000 delegates from government agencies, post-secondary institutions, businesses and civil organizations in China for exchanges and training in Canada. CCECC is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with a branch office in Beijing, China.


friendly exchange and cooperation between Canada and China of economic, business and culture as well as to increase mutual understanding between peoples of the two countries.


Through the years of service, CCECC has accumulated a wealth of experience, establishment of a complete professional service and hospitality, successful planning and reception of Chinese ministers, provincial and municipal departments, industries associations, business peoples to Canada for exchange visits.


The businesses of CCECC have been constantly opened up further service areas including transportation,


Information technology, science, electronic government, water works, public security and police affairs, urban planning, community construction, key projects, economics, accounting, market price, taxation (local tax


and national tax), auditing, business management, environmental protection, public utilities,


broadcast, film and television, media management, social security system, health sector, prosecution


system, agriculture (high-tech, stockbreeding, grassland improvement, seeds engineering and sustainable development, grains quality standard management etc), forestry (forestry operation and management, garden management, forestry resources management etc), human resources, civil servants management, etc. Recently, particular in the provision of high-quality services in the aspects of electronic government, network & information security, energy saving and emission reduction, as well as civil defense and emergency response mechanism.


CCECC welcome your participation at any time and a great honor to provide you with our


Services, we will provide perfect service for the business exchange visits between China and Canada.


International Exchange


Organize and receive relevant Chinese government agencies (such as national government agencies,


provincial and municipal government agencies, state-owned enterprises, industrial associations, educational institutions, etc) to Canada for exchange and visit, so as to accelerate understanding between the two countries, mutual exchange of learning.


Organize the business visits between Canada and China to arrange discussion and meeting, contact the local senior government officials and senior business people to reach effective agreements.


Assist Canadian business with China import and export trade, investment in factories, joint ventures, exhibitions and other business activities, responsible for the associated department about the agency related procedures.